House of Harlow

House Of Harlow

House Of Harlow by Nicole Richie comprises of gorgeous jewellery and accessories. The beautiful House of Harlow jewellery range is the fruit of much love and labour of Nicole Richie’s passion for fashion.  A unique blend of boho, vintage with an an edge, her pieces are unique, trendy yet timeless. House of Harlow ranges are iconic and true to Nicole’s style with a strong celebrity following, Kim Kardashian and Madonna to name a few 🙂 The House of Harlow pieces are carefully crafted with 14k gold/palladium plating with specially sourced material & stones.


The House of Harlow range runs parallel limited edition ranges with core collections. Nicole’s core collections are her most recognizable piece. Some House of Harlow core collection pieces are released in various colours each season as well as the classic colours. Our fave House of Harlow Core collection pieces?

Buy them here Xx


house-of-harlow-core-2 house-of-harlow-core-one






House of Harlow also offers a unique range of sunglasses with a massive cult following. Her oversized, statement sunglasses are a testament to her true boho self. Featuring bold shaped frames accompanied with unique colour House Of Harlow Sunglasses have paved the way for a whole new trend. Her best and most recognizable sunglasses are the award winning Chelsea. Buy them here Xx

nicole richie house of harlow chelsea sunglasses chelsea-sunglasses-house-of-harlow-3 chelsea-sunglasses-house-of-harlow-1

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