Kardashian’s newest addition stirs up a bit of a debate at Body Royale HQ!

kourtney-kardashian-nameSo… it’s official, the newest Kardashian addition has been named “North” which means that her full name would be “North West.” More of a geological location than a name, this takes the trend of naming your child after place of conception ( ala David & Victoria Beckhams “Brooklyn”) to a whole new level! Kinda has a ring to it.. don’t you think? Yes, yes it does.. does that make it O.K? Well we can’t decide. Half of the girls at our head office seem to like it & the other half not so much. We do think that not matter what, it comes nowhere close to these weird celebrity kids names: “Reignbeau” (pronounced rainbow) “Denim” “Tu Morrow””Blanket.. and so on! One thing is for sure.. North West will be quite fashionable and trendy.. regardless of her location 🙂

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